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Canvas, as the backdrop where all workflow nodes live, displays the current workflow content, ready to be further modified.


Node size - all nodes have a standard size, except Tool Nodes, whose size is determined by the number of parameters.

Selecting Node - done by single-click. Thereafter other functions, in the Right Sidebar and CLI, become available based on Node Type (Tool/Script/Splitter).

Moving Node - done simply by clicking on it and dragging it across Canvas.

Removing Node - done with the Backspace or Delete keyboard button.

Connecting two nodes - done by dragging from the output port of one Node to the input port of another Node. Ports represents input and output Node parameters. More thoroughly shown in Building a Workflow.

Disconnecting two nodes - done by single-click on connection, after which connection becomes red, and using the Backspace or Delete keyboard button.

Searching nodes by name - zoom in on the workflow view on a specific node using the search box located in the upper right corner of the Canvas. The search box is accessible either by CTRL/CMD+F option or by clicking on the search icon.

Screenshot of the workflow editor's builder tab with highlighted options for searching nodes by name in Canvas

Searching nodes by name in Canvas


Moving - use touchpad or mouse's scroll wheel (push and hold it while moving in any direction) to move through the Canvas.

Zoom in/out - canvas is zoomable while the cursor is on it. Zoom in/out is done by using Touchpad (pinching fingers moving 2 joined fingers up or down), or Mouse (simple scrolling).

Show/hide components - layout can be adjusted for a more convenient view by showing/hiding some of the components, such as Left Sidebar.