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Trickest CLI

Run workflows via terminal

You love working from your terminal? Once you set up your workflows in the platform, you can run them and get results in the terminal via Trickest CLI, in a few super easy steps. Build a chatbot, integrate with CI/CD, connect to an internal dashboard - the possibilities are endless.

trickest execute --space"Playground" --workflow"Simple Visual Recon" --output"zip-to-out" --output-dir report --config simple-visual-recon.yamlName:        Simple Visual ReconStatus:      runningDuration:    2m 31s  NODE                                                                STATUS     DURATION   OUTPUT  ⏳ zip-to-out (zip-to-out-1)                                        pending    0s         no outputs  └── ⏳ gowitness (gowitness-1)                                      pending    0s         no outputs      └── ⏳ batch-output (batch-output-1)                            pending    0s         no outputs          ├── 🔵 file-splitter (file-splitter-1)                      running    19s        waiting          │   └── ✅ generate-line-batches (generate-line-batches-1)  succeeded  6s         saved          │       └── ✅ httprobe (httprobe-1)                        succeeded  30s        saved          │           └── ✅ merge-results (cat-all-in-1)             succeeded  15s        saved          │               ├── ✅ subfinder (subfinder-1)              succeeded  44s        saved          │               └── ✅ amass (amass-1)                      succeeded  58s        saved          └── ✅ httprobe (httprobe-1)                                succeeded  30s        saved


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