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CLI (Command Line Interface)

Workflow Builder CLI is positioned on the bottom of Workflow Builder. It is responsible for monitoring Store Node Command.

Click on Node

In order to view Node Command, Node must be selected.

CLI Tabs

Workflow Builder CLI has only one COMMAND tab. Regarding selected Store Node Type tab has different purpose:

Tool Node

Tool Command is automatically generated, based on connected parameters to selected Tool Node. This command represents Command that will be run in Tool Node during Execution. Its purpose is to get closer usage of Trickest no-code to traditional Tools usage and it can be used outside this platform.

GIF of using tool command tab by clicking on different nodes in the workflow editor

Tool command tab

Script Node

(Bash) Script Command is presented here. User can enter their own command, which will be executed when the workflow is run.

GIF of editing script command tab in the workflow editor

Script command tab

Splitter Node

Splitter doesn't have any relevant information in CLI.