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Right Sidebar

Right Sidebar is positioned on the Workflow Builder right side. It contains all information about workflow, and primary information about Nodes.

The Right Sidebar has a different nature based on the selected area: Canvas empty area or specific Node area in the Canvas.

When some Node is selected, both CLI and Right Sidebar show data relevant to it. If nothing is selected, or empty Canvas area is selected, Right Sidebar views all information about Workflow. Taking into account that logic, every case is elaborated below.

Node state - when Node is Selected

Input Nodes

Every type of Input Node has a description, while for the value it is a bit different:

  • URL, Folder and String - input field for entering/changing value
  • Boolean - toggle button for changing its presence. By default, it's Active, and with deactivation, Node will be present but ignored.

Tools Nodes

There are 2 groups of parameters:

  • Connected - parameters connected to Node.

  • Disconnected - available parameters of Tool, not connected yet. For each parameter

                               additional **Show/Hide** option is available. By switching displayed toggle
                              on ON, parameter will be exposed (visualized) in Canvas and ready to
                               be connected.
  • Search box is also available to be used for filtering both connected and disconnected inputs, by name.

Basic information about the Tool, including the Read more hyperlink, which redirects to the Tool page on the Library.

Exposing Parameters

With the number of exposed parameters, the size of the Tool node increases in the Canvas. The Show/Hide option gives you the ability to have a clear overview with only the necessary information.

Script Nodes

Scripts have only one group of parameters:

  • Connected - parameters connected to Node.

Basic information about the Script, including the Read more hyperlink, which redirects to the Script page on the Library.

Workflow state - when Canvas is selected

Basic information about the Workflow, including Read more hyperlink which redirects to Workflow page.