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Navigating in Workflow Editor

Move around

Pan around the Editor using your mouse or trackpad:


  • Hold down scroll wheel or right click to pan
  • Scroll to pan up and down
  • Scroll + Shift to pan left and right


  • Use two fingers to pan

Zoom in and out

Use your trackpad or mouse to Zoom in and Zoom out in the Editor:


  • COMMAND/CTRL + mouse scroll


  • Pinch two fingers together to zoom out or stretch two fingers apart to zoom in.

When you first open Workflow Editor, the default zoom level will be set to Fit to screen.
You have several zoom settings available in the upper left corner of the Editor:

  • Use the Zoom in and Zoom out buttons to adjust the zoom level at pre-determined increments.
  • Use the Toggle Fullscreen to turn into fullscreen mode.
  • Use the Fit to screen to fit the entire working area of the Editor on the screen.