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Basic Usage Examples

This tool reads a wordlist file and generate subdomain combinations for a given domain or list of domains. Input from the wordlist file is lowercased and only unique words are processed.

In the examples below, we’re using a namelist.txt as a wordlist file, by setting raw namelist.txt path as a wordlist input’s value. You can upload your private file instead, if you find it more appropriate.

Subdomains generation for a one domain

Pass a domain (e.g. to the domain input, as string type value:

Subdomains generation for a multiple domains

Pass a list of domains to the domain-list input, as file type value:


Filter a wordlist

Use the regex-filter String input and define regex by which you want to filter your wordlist.

Define a level of generation depth

Use the level Integer input and define the level of subdomains to be generated. When you use level parameter, it will generate all subdomain combinations up to the specified level, including all lower levels, using words from the wordlist. For instance, with -l 2, it will generate len(permutation_list)^2 + len(permutation_list) results, which is:

  • 30 combinations for a 5-word wordlist.
  • 10100 combinations for a 100-word wordlist.
  • 250500 combinations for a 500-word wordlist.

Skip results logging

Use silent boolean input to skip writing generated subdomains to stdout and improve performance.

Notable Workflows