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Uploading and using private Files

Uploading private file

  1. Open Files page, accessible through Global Left Sidebar by clicking the Files icon.
  2. Click the Upload button.
  3. Drag and drop, or browse local file you want to upload.

File Max Size

Files larger than 2GB cannot be uploaded.

Using private uploaded file in Workflow

The private file can be used in the workflow - through File Input Node. In the Right sidebar, find previously uploaded file and select it.

GIF of Setting previous uploaded file as amass tool parameter in the workflow editor

Setting previous uploaded file as amass tool parameter

Above you can see setting private, previously uploaded, resolvers.txt file as an input of amass tool.

Upload Private Files from a Workflow

To upload a private file from a workflow, you can use the put-trickest-files node. This node enables you to upload a file, such as the output of a tool or workflow that you want to store for future use. It maintains the file name during the upload process.

The put-trickest-files node accepts three types of inputs:

  • Input content: Use either input-file or input-folder depending on how many files you want to upload.
  • Token: You can authenticate the node using your Trickest token by using either token or token-file (recommended).
  • Dependency: The dependency input allows you to specify a node that must execute before this one. For example, if you want to compare the results of your workflow's runs, you can link a get-trickest-files node to this input to ensure that you obtain the previous version of the file before writing the current file. You can refer to this workflow template for additional information on how to implement this process.
Screenshot of the Diff Subdomain Enumeration Workflow Results

Workflow - Diff Subdomain Enumeration Results