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Using a pre-built Workflow from Library

Copy workflow

To use any pre-built workflow from our Library, same workflow needs to be copied into your private space and optional project:

  1. Open the Library page by selecting Library icon in Global Left Sidebar
  2. Find the desired workflow and select its card to open the Details page
  3. Click the Copy button and set the space (and optionally project) in which workflow will be copied
  4. Workflow is successfully copied and ready to be opened in Workflow Builder
GIF of Using Simple Content Discovery pre-built workflow and copying it to a user's default space

Using Simple Content Discovery pre-built workflow

Set up workflow

Each pre-built workflow is described using special building components - notes. Provide required inputs, displayed in Configuration note, and execute the workflow as is. Or feel free to continue modifying it for further needs.

Knowledge Hub

Check out our Knowledge Hub to learn by example how to set up any pre-built workflow, how it works and how can be further modified.


Results note refers to node(s) containing final workflow results ready to be viewed and downloaded once workflow finishes its execution.