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Executing a Workflow

Use Execute option to start the single workflow execution.

  1. Open the workflow in Workflow Builder.
  2. (Optional step) For each node check execution machine type in the Right Sidebar. Access it by selecting node in Canvas, and change if needed.

Appropriate tool execution machine

Check more details on Assigning the machine type to a node.

3. Click Execute icon in Actions Bar.

4. On the Execution modal, you can set the number of machines for workflow execution to achieve workflow execution parallelism (if there are any nodes that could be executed in parallel).

Execution parallelism

Check more details on Assigning the number of machines to a run.

5. After the workflow is executed, the Workflow Builder tab switches to the Workflow Runs tab with ongoing Run displayed. You can track the progress of a Run as it is shown in Keeping track of a Run.

Execute a Simple Visual Recon workflow

Above you can see the process of executing the Simple Visual Recon workflow, mentioned in Building a Workflow - setting Large machine type for amass tool, leaving Small machine type for all other tools and scripts, and triggering the Execute button.

Preparing machines and executing Simple Visual Recon workflow