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Nodes are building blocks of a workflows. All nodes, available to be used in workflow, can be found in Left Sidebar. There are 2 types of nodes:

Input Nodes

Input Nodes are present for using input values in Workflows. Currently, there are 4 types of Input Nodes:

  • URL (File) - used for utilization of publicly available file as Input (e.g.
  • Folder - used for utilization of publicly available GIT repository as Input.
  • String - simple string value that needs to be transported further (e.g. to--domain of some tool).
  • Boolean - also known as Flag in Community. It's used to transport True/Flag value to connected Tool (e.g. --bruteforce).

All Input Nodes have the same logic, and they are used for supplying Library nodes with User input. Solely observed they have single output:

  • Right side - Based on Input Node Type, a port on the Node right side is used to transport its value further.

Library Nodes

Library nodes are a type of Nodes most of the magic happens. First of all, the most important thing to understand is the data flow. Every Library Node has a file structure like this:

📦 node // tool or script or splitter
 ┣ 📂 in // contains all input files and/or folders
 ┗ 📂 out // contains all output files and/or folders

There are 3 types of Library Nodes:

  • Tool Nodes
  • Script Nodes
  • Splitter Nodes

Tool Nodes

  • Left side - ports need to be connected to necessary values in order for the Tool proper functioning.
  • Right side - ports used forward Tool's result. Considering some Tools have single file output or multiple file outputs, port, Tool can have File and Folder outputs_._

Tool usage

Check Tool use cases here.

Script Nodes

Node with pre-installed Bash. All Scripts nodes are having some commands we found most useful. These commands can be changed in CLI.

  • Left side - 2 existing ports File and Folder. Script behaviour is determined by its command, which must be adjusted to inputs. The Script is going to process all Files and Folders connected to ports on the Left side.
  • Right side - 2 existing ports File and Folder. Based on Script output, there are options to forward File (if the output is a single File) or Folder if Users wants to forward whole out/ Folder.

Script usage

Scripts can be changed with the custom Users command. Check Using Scripts guide.

Splitter Nodes

Currently, there is only one Node in this Node type. file-split-string is a special kind of Node, which processes the File as input (must have line-by-line data) and forwards every line (String) to the next Node, multiplying its execution by the number of lines.

  • Left side - port accepting exclusively single File.
  • Right side - port connecting to Tool or Script Node which is desired to be executed individually for each line of File from the input.

Splitter limits

Currently, Splitter has a limited number of multiplications it can execute. In order to run it properly, the input _File_ must have max. 300 lines.