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Introduction to using Variables in Trickest

Usage Instructions

What are Variables?

In Trickest, variables are user-defined identifiers that hold value within workflows and scripts from external sources. They enhance the security modularity and flexibility of workflows by allowing users to manage inputs used by tools and scripts separately.

Purpose of Variables

Purpose of variables serve two primary purposes:

  • Reusability: They allow users to reuse inputs through various workflows inside different spaces and projects.

  • Flexibility: They enable users to update values of specific inputs inside strings and script code without modifying the workflow directly.

Types of Variables

  • Global Variables: These are accessible across all workflows within a user's account and are suitable for constants or widely used data.

  • Space Variables: These are scoped to individual spaces, ideal for project-specific configurations.

Utilization of Variables

Variables in Trickest can be utilized in various ways:

  • As placeholders in string inputs for nodes.

  • Integrated into scripts to dynamically alter the execution based on the variable values.

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