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Create and Edit Space Variables

Trickest workflows are designed for maximum flexibility and customization.

Space Variables offer specific, local declarations of variables within your workflows.

Unlike Global Variables, Space Variables are specific to the space they're created in, providing a more focused application. If a variable name exists globally and within a space, the space-specific variable takes precedence.

This guide will help you navigate the process of creating and editing Space Variables within Trickest.

Space Variables

Space Variables are used within a specific space in your workflows. They override Global Variables with the same name, ensuring more precise control.

Creating a Space Variable

Space Variables allow for localized data constants within your specific workflow space.

  • Accessing Space Variables: Go to the specific space in your Trickest dashboard where you want to create the variable and open tab Variables

Variables Tab in Space

  • Creating a New Space Variable: Click 'Create Variable' in your space to initiate the creation process.

Create Variable in Space

  • Naming Your Variable: Give it a unique and descriptive name, adhering to Global Variables' naming conventions.

Name Variable in Space

Variables Naming Convention

Variable names should consist of alphanumeric or underlined characters. Example: LOCAL_VARIABLE_NAME2
  • Setting the Value: Define the value for your variable, which can be a string, number, or other data types.

Set Value to Variable in Space

  • Saving the Variable: After naming and setting the value, click CREATE VARIABLE to save it within your space.

Editing a Space Variable

  • Locating the Variable: Find the variable in your space on the Trickest dashboard.

  • Making Changes: modify the variable's name or value by using the edit icon.

Edit Value for Variable in Space

Updating the Variable: Confirm your changes by clicking UPDATE VARIABLE.

Remember, editing Space Variables won't affect Global Variables with the same name, preserving workflow integrity.

For more on Global Variables, see: Create and Edit Global Variables

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