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Basic Usage Examples

Probing Multiple Domains

To run httprobe against multiple domains and get URLs of running HTTP and HTTPS servers, pass a list of domains contained within a file to the domains input (type file).

Probing multiple domains with httprobe


Multi-threaded Probing

Httprobe is designed to maintain result reliability with an increased number of threads. To enable concurrency, pass desired number of threads to the threads input (type string).

Enable concurrency

Extra Probes

By default httprobe checks for HTTP on port 80 and HTTPS on port 443. To add additional probes, pass a pair of protocol and additional port to be probe to the protocol-port and protocol-port-2 inputs (type string):

Enable extra probes


Specify a timeout value in milliseconds for any single thread by passing desired value to the timeout input (type string).

Increase timeout

Notable Workflows