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Workflow Performance Optimization

How to speed up my workflow?

1. Parallelism

Trickest ables you to create multiple branches within a workflow and execute each concurrently before seamlessly merging back into a single flow. Achieve parallelism in following way:

  1. Arrange a minimum of 2 nodes with same machine type defined, or use Splitter node
  2. Increase the number of machines on executing a workflow. Check how to assign number of machines to a run and have full control over the number of parallel threads.

2. Process in batches

Trickest ables you to process requests given to a specific tool, script, or whole workflow's branch, in batches by using Splitter nodes. Splitter allow you to split a file into smaller chunks (single-line or line-ranges) and pass them to multiple duplicates of the target. Check how to use Splitters and process in batches in parallel.