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Check For Subdomain Takeover

A subdomain takeover is a type of cyber attack in which an attacker is able to gain control of a subdomain that is no longer in use or has not been properly configured. This can allow the attacker to use the subdomain to host malicious content, phish for sensitive information, or perform other malicious activities.

Complexity: basic

Category: Vulnerability Scan & Management



You can set up this workflow by changing nuclei url-list input value:

  • TARGETS - provide a file containing subdomains/hostnames list, as a target
Check For Subdomain Takeover Workflow Targets Setup

Workflow Targets Setup

Execution and results

After setup workflow is ready to be executed. Once workflow's last node, nuclei tool, is finished result can be viewed and downloaded.

nuclei tool will contain all of the possible subdomain takeovers.

nuclei stdout of subdomain takeover workflow

nuclei stdout of subdomain takeover workflow

Try it out!

This workflow is available in the Library, you can copy it and execute it immediately!

Improve this workflow

  • Add more nuclei takeover templates
  • Get all DNS records and filter them in search for more attack vectors
  • Execute nuclei through batch-output
  • use notify to send newly found results via anew