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Get IPs and CNAMEs

Keep track of your IPs and CNAME DNS records with this workflow.

Complexity: basic

Category: Attack Surface Management


Get IPs and CNAMEs Workflow

Get IPs and CNAMEs Workflow



You can set up this workflow by changing following input value:

  • LIST_OF_HOSTS - provide a file containing hostnames list, as a target

In the example below, we're providing a sample hostnames.txt from our Inventory repository as a target:

Workflow Targets Setup

Workflow Targets Setup

Execution and results

After setup workflow is ready to be executed. Once workflow's last node, ips-cnames-list script, is finished result can be viewed and downloaded.

The ips-cnames-list script node will contain all of the results

Get IPs and CNAMES workflow results in the workflow editor

Try it out!

This workflow is available in the Library, you can copy it and execute it immediately!

Improve this workflow

  • Get other types of DNS Records and create and unify the report
  • Resolve through #batch-output