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How to scale up/down my machines?

Both machine scaling up and scaling down is done by Trickest platform. You don't need to worry about managing the infrastructure, Trickest are taking care of it.

  • Scaling up: Machines are scaling up on executing a workflow. Once workflow becomes RUNNING, machines assigned to its execution are up, running and reserved for given workflow. Machine cost is charged by an hour.
  • Scaling down: Once workflow becomes COMPLETED, machines assigned to its execution, becomes available for further executions. However, those machines will not be scaled down before the expiration of a full hour. Check our Machines states and Machines utilization docs for more info.

How to see machines setup per Run?

Open particular workflow's Run in Workflow Runs tab. In the Right Sidebar, hover over given Run's item in the Runs list. Card with Run info and machine setup, number of small/medium/large machines used for given Run, will appear.

How are machines occupied per Run?

Current Trickest setup works like a reservation model, which means that machines you assign to the tools/scripts in a workflow go up once the workflow becomes RUNNING, stay up while the workflow is RUNNING, until the workflow it's done.

This is not the optimal solution due to reserving machines even they are not in use, but Trickest will soon provide a new solution that will solve and improve current reservation and execution model.

How to utilize all my machines?

Fleet page contains all information regarding availability of your machines, whereas machines occupied per specific Run can be found as is described here.
After executing, workflow can be in PENDING state due to unavailability of machine(s) assigned to its execution. Check Fleet page to get more insight in your cloud resources, and change workflow's machine(s) setup (machine types per nodes) for successful executing. Check How to assign machine(s) to a Run doc for more info.