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Library is a searchable repository of all ready-to-go nodes available to be used in workflows (Tools and Scripts), as well as ready-to-go workflows (Templates) available to be used in Trickest platform.


Tools are ready-to-go nodes made by the global hacking community and used every day in offensive security.

Support original authors and contributors Every tool on the platform has information about the GitHub author and the original GitHub repository link. Support, contribute, star, or donate to help the community become better.


Scripts are customizable ready-to-go nodes made by Trickest. All scripts are implemented as a Bash, with a pre-installed Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS.

Write your own Beside pre-built scripts, able to be modified with ease, use a custom-script node to write your own script from scratch.


Templates are pre-built workflows that you can use off the shelf and get some automation inspiration.

Using a Template Learn to use a Template to cover and automate real use cases in a minute without additional effort.