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Trickest Ranks in Synaptic's Top 20 Startups List

Trickest has earned a place in Synaptic's Top 20 Startups List, reflecting our dedication to Offensive Security Automation and excellence in cybersecurity. Synaptic, which monitors GitHub developer activity, recognized Trickest as a top seed-stage startup within themes like DeveloperTools and EnterpriseSoftware.

October 10, 2023
Andrija Petrovic

Andrija Petrovic

Marketing Operations Analyst
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We've got some thrilling news to share! Trickest has earned a spot in Synaptic's prestigious Top 20 Startups List, and we couldn't be more excited!

Acknowledging our dedication to Offensive Security Automation, this recognition is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the cybersecurity industry.

Synaptic, a keen observer of the ever-evolving tech world, made this impressive list by monitoring developer activity on open-source projects hosted on GitHub. This method provides early signals into innovative and trending projects with the potential for explosive growth.

The selection criteria were based on GitHub Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Stars, Forks, Pull Requests, and more, as well as alternative data KPIs.

What Synaptic's Top 20 Startups List Reveals:

  • Leading Themes: DeveloperTools, EnterpriseInfra, and EnterpriseSoftware are the leading themes, and Trickest proudly shines in this vibrant tech ecosystem.

  • Bootstrapped Stars: Among the top bootstrapped startups, you'll find names like Nebuly, Ultralytics, Trino Software Foundation, Crater, and MUI.

  • Seed-Stage Standouts: Trickest | Offensive Security Automation makes its mark as a top seed-stage startup, alongside other emerging talents like Qdrant, refine (YC S23), Ivy, and FEDML.

  • Early-Stage Excellence: For early-stage companies, AFFiNE, DragonflyDB, and Unleash Hosted emerge as the trailblazers.

Screenshot of a Synaptic list with Top 20 Open Source Startups

For a deep dive into the details and insights, we invite you to read the full Synaptic report. It's a valuable source highlighting the rising stars in the tech world, and we're excited to be involved.

A big thank you to Synaptic for recognizing our efforts in the cybersecurity arena. We're honored to share the spotlight with other innovative and influential companies on this list.

This recognition fuels our passion and motivates us to keep innovating Trickest.


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