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Trickest Launches Community Edition of Security Workflow Orchestration Platform

Trickest is a fully managed, user-centric, and hyper-scalable SaaS platform for cybersecurity teams to build, orchestrate, and run critical custom offensive security workflows and integrations.

December 05, 2023
Vlad Ionescu

Vlad Ionescu

Head of Growth
Screenshot of PR Newswire News about Trickest launches Community Edition

[NEW YORK, December 5th, 2023] - Trickest, a leader in enterprise security automation, today launches the Community Edition of its Security Workflow Orchestration SaaS platform. Trickest’s Community Edition democratizes access to advanced cybersecurity tools, bringing state-of-the-art security orchestration capabilities to a broader audience, including academia, security researchers, educators, and bug bounty hunters.

Trickest reveals the hackers’ perspective with complete control and transparency of the underlying security methodologies, allowing organizations to see through the eyes of the attackers. On Trickest SaaS platform, security professionals can build, manage, orchestrate, and run various customized workflows and integrations for Continuous Vulnerability Scanning, Attack Surface Monitoring, Secret/Content Discovery, Threat Hunting, and Automated Penetration Testing.

The platform also assists in gathering and analyzing information about potential cyber threats by automating Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering, supporting automated purple and red team reconnaissance operations, and facilitating continuous scanning for vulnerabilities (like outdated software, weak credentials, and misconfigurations).

Trickest Security Workflow Orchestration platform offers the following key capabilities:

  • Integrations with 300 Top-Tier Community Open-Source Security Tools to develop diverse methodologies and workflows. Users have complete control over the tools, how they are linked, orchestrated, and executed, and full transparency of the results.
  • A Library of 80 pre-built Offensive Security Workflow Templates that users can quickly execute to perform fully transparent security scans. Users can copy and edit these workflow templates to tailor them to specific requirements or unique use cases.
  • Low-Code Visual Framework to build custom workflow orchestrations, with drag-and-drop and user-friendly editing of the tools and scripts.
  • Scripting Integrations in Bash and Python, as well as command-line interface (CLI) capabilities, for advanced customization and automation.
  • Hyper-scalable Managed Automation Infrastructure, designed to handle large-scale operations, covering millions of targets and mapping organizations' entire attack surface.

Community Edition users can connect their own self-hosted machines, allowing workflow execution on private infrastructure.

Coupled with today’s launch, Trickest is also delighted to welcome Ben Sadeghipour, also known as NahamSec, as an advisor. Nenad Zaric, CEO of Trickest said:

This collaboration is a significant step towards enhancing our platform's capabilities and embodies our commitment to empowering the cybersecurity community with powerful tools for automation and orchestration. With Ben's involvement, we are well-positioned to deliver even more innovative security solutions to our customers and partners.

NahamSec added:

Joining the Trickest team as an advisor offers me a unique opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge security solutions while expanding my expertise in offensive security.

The Trickest platform is engineered for Enterprise Security Teams, Security Consultants and Partners, MSSPs, Penetration Testers, Purple and Red Teamers with the following prominent use cases:

  • Attack Surface Management: Specific ASM workflows in the Trickest SaaS platform map and understand an organization's entire external attack surface, enabling quick identification and management of exposed assets and vulnerabilities.
  • Continuous Vulnerability Scanning: The platform facilitates continuous scanning for vulnerabilities like outdated software, weak credentials, and misconfigurations across many assets.
  • Automated Threat Intelligence: Trickest assists in gathering and analyzing information about potential cyber threats, helping organizations proactively defend against emerging security risks.
  • Automated Penetration Testing: The platform allows for the configuration, simulation, and automation of penetration testing activities to systematically assess and improve security defenses.
  • Continuous Automated Purple and Red Teaming: Trickest supports ongoing, automated purple and red team operations, enabling organizations to continuously evaluate their security posture through simulated adversarial emulation.
  • OSINT Automation: The platform automates Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering, streamlining the process of collecting and analyzing publicly available data for security purposes.

About Trickest Inc.

Founded in 2020, Trickest Inc. is a security workflow orchestration startup that has rapidly gained recognition for its innovative approach to cybersecurity. Trickest enables organizations to orchestrate elite adversarial emulations by providing a SaaS platform that empowers security professionals to automate and streamline offensive security operations. For more information, visit Trickest website.


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