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Trickest Is Featured On Cybernews!

Trickest has been named amongst the best penetration testing tools in the world according to Cybernews. Read more to find out why!

July 18, 2022
Andrija Suberic

Andrija Suberic

Product Marketing Manager
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There are thousands of available solutions, but quite frequently they are rather black boxed, less adaptive and not scalable. That’s why our main goal is to make offensive cybersecurity accessible to everyone.

No matter whether you are a beginner or a fully functioning team – we can offer you customizable pre-built workflows, drag-and-drop framework for building any workflow that you need with crowdsourced intelligence, and all that with as low code as you want.

Any security department will greatly benefit from options like auto-scaling. And the absence of manual infrastructure will undoubtedly improve and accelerate your team's security workflows.

What’s a better way to feel your worth than to be compared with the best of the bests! Today we have the honor to sense this feeling, as Trickest has been mentioned amongst the best penetration testing tools!

For this, we have to say big thanks to the team of Cybernews – a source for breaking everything from cybersecurity news to opinions by industry insiders.

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