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Using Self-Hosted Machines

Self-hosted machines are user-provided and managed servers or virtual environments that can be configured to integrate with the Trickest platform, allowing for greater control over the execution environment and resource allocation for your workflows.


This guide is designed to help you attach your own machine to the Trickest platform to execute workflows seamlessly or on any infrastructure.

The machines attached will be used for the workflow executions.


  • Access to Trickest platform.
  • A machine ready to be attached.


  • There are no limits on machine creation; you can create and delete machines an infinite number of times
  • If you lose id and secret keys, don't worry; delete the machine and create a new one
  • We are just checking the state of the machines inside the Trickest platform; you can reuse the same machine id and secret in different instances
  • You can not register the same machine more than once

Create a Self-Hosted Fleet

  1. Go to Trickest Fleet Page

Create a self-hosted fleet on Trickest platform

  1. Click on Create Self-Hosted Fleet

Create a self-hosted fleet - create action

  1. A new Self-Hosted Fleet should be created.

Accessing the External Machine

Before integrating an external machine with the Trickest platform, it's essential to meet the following prerequisites

Virtual/Cloud/Baremetal Machine: Ensure you have a virtual machine (VM) set up with the necessary specifications to handle your intended workflows. This VM will serve as the self-hosted machine where Trickest workflows are executed.

Creating a new machine

Click on Add Machine button.

Machine Connection Wizard Overview

When you are ready to connect your virtual machine to the Trickest platform, the "Machine Connection Wizard" modal will guide you through the process. This modal appears within the platform's user interface and provides a two-step process:

Copy the command for attaching a new machine.

Install the Trickest Agent and Connect: This step involves executing 3 commands on your external machine. The modal displays the necessary environment variables and the command to download and initialize the Trickest agent, which establishes the connection between your machine and the Trickest platform. Copy them to your clipboard or store them safely for later use

Copy attach machine command on Trickest Platform

Give your machine a name

You will be prompted to assign a unique and meaningful name to your machine. This name is used to identify the machine within the Trickest Self-Hosted Fleet, making it easier to manage multiple machines.

Naming the machine inside of Trickest Platform Self-Hosted

Note: It's crucial to copy and securely store the provided Client ID and Client Secret, as they are unique to your machine and displayed only once.

By clicking on CREATE new machine will be saved and wait for external connection.

Executing the command on the machine

You can run trickest-agent on a remote machine by executing the copied command.

Trickest Command Execute - Self-Hosted

After the command executes successfully, Self-Hosted fleet will show ACTIVE machine state.

Active Machine State