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Crawl URLs and Discover JavaScript URLs & Endpoints

Gathering wordlists from JavaScript code paths can potentially lead to finding more vulnerabilities in a web application. This is because JavaScript code often includes strings used as input to the application, such as URLs, file paths, and more. These strings can contain information about the application's internal structure and functionality and can potentially be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access or to find other vulnerabilities.

Complexity: basic

Category: Web Discovery



Set up this workflow by changing initial input value:

  • TARGETS - provide a file containing a list of webservers, as a target

In the example below, we're providing a sample as a target, afterwords the workflow will crawl all of the endpoints, extract javascript files and create two files in the end:

  • urls.txt - with all URLs contained in JavaScript code
  • paths.txt - all file and folder paths contained in JavaScript code
Crawl URLs and Discover JavaScript URLs & Endpoints
 Workflow Targets Setup

Workflow Targets Setup

Execution and results

After setup workflow is ready to be executed. Once workflow's last node, links-paths script, is finished result can be viewed and downloaded.

links-paths will contain the results of URLs and paths.

Crawl URLs and Discover JavaScript URLs & Endpoints
 Workflow Results

workflow paths output

Try it out!

This workflow is available in the Library, you can copy it and execute it immediately!

Improve this workflow

  • Better parsing of the paths and URLs
  • Verify javascript URLs are responding with status code 200
  • use notify to send newly found results via anew

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