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New Product Updates for Business and Community Users

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February 12, 2024
4 mins read
Andrija Suberic

Andrija Suberic

Product Marketing Manager

We are thrilled to announce a series of updates that will empower our business users. Our latest features include the ability to execute workflows through the company's self-hosted machines, improved user management, secure data handling, and integration of custom tools and scripts. Our main focus is on meeting the needs of our business users, and we're constantly working on developing our product to provide tailored, best-in-class solutions that address the specific challenges faced by professionals and organizations. We also have an important announcement for Community users regarding our new Privacy Policy. Our ultimate goal is to democratize offensive security, and we hope you'll join us as we unveil our latest product updates, which have been thoughtfully developed based on feedback from our passionate Trickest community.

Business Self-Hosted Machines are Ready

Calling all business users! You've got the green light to take self-hosted machines for a spin on Trickest. As we understand the importance of privacy and resource optimization in your security efforts we're excited to offer you the ability to attach your self-hosted machines for a test drive on Trickest!

If you are curious to see the difference it can make for your workflow execution and management, we invite you to fill out the form on your Fleet page, test it out, and contact us for a walk-through. Your feedback drives our innovation, and we can't wait to hear what you think!

Fleet management - Self-hosted fleet

Your Team Script Library

We are excited to announce another important new feature for business users: a private script library within your Trickest account. Now, you can create, edit, and manage your own Bash and Python scripts directly in the editor. This isn't just a storage space – it's an integrated environment where your scripts become an important part of your workflows.

Visit your private scripts library, and start adding your custom scripts by clicking Import button. The library acts as a central hub for your scripting needs, allowing you to maintain a repository of tried and tested scripts that can be utilized across multiple workflows.

Screenshot of a Script modal

Create Scripts Direct from the Editor

Besides adding scripts from your library, Trickest now empowers you to craft scripts on the fly with an in-editor feature. This means you can write and tailor your private scripts within the platform, ensuring they're perfectly written to your specific needs and ready to be integrated into your workflows immediately. This direct creation capability streamlines your setup process, making deploying custom scripts in any workflow faster and simpler.

Screenshot of a Scripts Editor

Private Docker Registry

Another great update for business users is the Private Tool Registry, a secure solution for storing proprietary Docker images and managing access to your tools. This new feature supports Basic Docker Registry access, Docker Hub, and GitHub packages, ensuring your images are privately stored and easily accessible. It’s designed to bolster your operational security while optimizing resources. We encourage you to use this capability to maintain the privacy and integrity of your tools.

Private Tool Registry

Improved Business User Management

We're delighted to introduce the latest update to our User Management system. This new feature allows administrators to easily oversee active user accounts and remove access when necessary, ensuring optimal team structure and security.

The User Invites section has been refined, allowing for a quick overview of pending and completed registrations. These updates are designed to provide a straightforward and efficient experience for managing team access on Trickest.

User management - List of active users

Community Data Retention Update

We’re announcing an update for Community users in our Privacy Policy about the new 14-day data retention policy and a 10-run limit for workflow data validation, starting February 26th, 2024. This strategic adjustment ensures that our platform remains sharp, with an optimized process for workflow management and heightened data security.

Key Policy Enhancements

  • 14-Day Data Retention: Post-execution, workflow-generated data will be preserved for a duration of 14 days. Upon expiration of this timeframe, such data will be systematically purged from our servers.

  • 10-Run Data Validation Limit: Within the confines of the 14-day retention period, only data pertaining to the most recent 10 runs per workflow will be accessible for examination and download.

We recommend that our community reads and familiarizes themselves with the details of our updated Privacy Policy, which includes important changes. It is essential to download any necessary running data within the given 14-day period to avoid losing valuable insights.

This revamped Privacy Policy is effective as of February 26th, 2024. Your continued engagement with our platform from this date onward constitutes the acceptance of the revised terms. For detailed explanation of these changes, please refer to our Privacy Policy by clicking on the link provided.


In wrapping up this update, our focus has been strong on empowering our business users with a suite of features that improve workflow execution, enhance security, and provide unparalleled control over their cybersecurity tools and data. Our introduction of Self-Hosted Machine Testing offers businesses a unique opportunity to attach their company machines for execution while optimizing their resource usage. The new Private Docker Registry and Private Script Library are designed to straighten operational capabilities, allowing for a more customized and efficient workflow management.

For our Community Users, the update to our Privacy Policy introduces a 14-day data retention policy and a 10-run limit for data validation, effective from February 26th, 2024. These changes are aimed at maintaining platform performance while ensuring superior data management practices. We urge our community to review the updated policy and adjust their workflow management strategies accordingly to avoid any data loss.

Each feature we've introduced and every policy update we've implemented has been with the goal of democratizing offensive security, ensuring that Trickest remains at the forefront of providing tailored, best-in-class solutions for the cybersecurity challenges faced by professionals and organizations worldwide.


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