Trickest Introduces Community Edition, Welcomes NahamSec as an Advisor
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Trickest Community Edition marks a new era in cybersecurity, democratizing access to advanced security tools and workflow orchestration.Join now and attach your own machines for self-hosted execution.

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Trickest Experience

Empowering ethical hackers
all over the world

Eric Head todayisnew

Eric Head todayisnew

#1 Bug Bounty Hunter
@ Hackerone/Bugcrowd

The platform was able to find assets other miss, quickly, with amazing support and genuinely kind and skilled team.

Carlos Polop Martin

Carlos Polop Martin

Author @ HackTricks &
Team Leader @ Halborn

Doing security research with Trickest is just simpler and faster. I can focus on creating workflows, analyzing the results, and forget about installation and infrastructure problems.

Luke Stephens Hakluke

Luke Stephens Hakluke

Ethical Hacker &
Creator @

The Trickest platform is flexible enough to allow human creativity to shine while removing the pain of managing scalable infrastructure. The workflow UI is so beautifully designed that building out security workflows is a pleasure.

Alexis Fernández six2dez

Alexis Fernández six2dez

Creator of reconFTW &
Red Team Engineer @ Visma

Trickest is the only platform that allows me to take recon to the next level. It gives me maximum freedom to build the workflow I want.

workflow automation


Evolve from the terminal to a specialised IDE for offensive security. Use Trickest’s library of tool nodes, import your own scripts, or drop in your favourite open-source tools – all in one place.



Don’t feel like building from scratch? Choose from template workflows for common tasks and a growing list of 300+ open source tools the security community loves.

cloud service


Run your workflows in the cloud with easy autoscaling and cost controls. Skip manual infrastructure setup and stop paying for idle VPSs.

project management


No more digging through filesystems for your old runs – use Trickest’s Spaces, Projects, and Workflow versioning to stay on top of even the most complex projects.


frequently asked questions

Don’t see an answer here? Send us a line from our contact form.

Who is Trickest for?

Anyone who interacts with offensive security: enterprise security teams, red teams, purple teams, specialized pentesters, bug bounty hunters, security researchers, educators, etc.

Why is Trickest better than other solutions?

Most other solutions focus on blackbox scanners, event management, and monitoring that make it difficult to understand what is happening under the hood. Trickest workflows are fully customizable and make it easy to understand step-by-step pentesting or SecOps logic.

Can beginners use Trickest?

Yes – the platform’s low-code possibilities and detailed documentation make it a great option for newcomers and learners.

Does Trickest replace pentesters?

Yes and No – for companies, pre-packaged workflows in the Trickest Library make it easy to run standard pentests that may be required for e.g. compliance purposes. Still, the real power of Trickest is in the hands of pentesters or other security professionals who can use the platform to do their jobs more efficiently.

Does Trickest integrate with other products?

We plan to release 3rd-party integrations in the near future.

Can I add new tools to the Trickest platform?

Of course – Send us an email at, and we’ll integrate it as soon as possible. All tools are currently public, but we plan to introduce private tooling soon.

Does Trickest work for teams?

Yes – the platform’s workspaces, search, and versioning make it a great choice for security teams small and large. We plan to introduce dedicated collaboration features in future releases.

How can I try the Trickest platform?

You can Sign Up and choose the profile you want to test it for.


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