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Key features:

  • it uses Shannon Entropy to find private keys,
  • it searches through git logs,
  • it unpacks compressed archives (e.g. zip, tar.gz etc.),
  • it supports advanced search using simple rules (details below),
  • it searches for hardcoded passwords,
  • it is fully customizable.

Basic Usage Example

Pass a path to the folder containing files to be analysed, to the path-to-files input:


You can customize your search by using any of following dumpstediver inputs:

  • min-key-length - String type value, specifies the minimum key length to be analyzed (default is “”).
  • max-key-length - String type value, specifies the maximum key length to be analyzed (default is “80”).

Additional analyzing using defined rules

Use advanced-analysis boolean input to additionally analyzed all files using rules specified in tool’s rules.yaml file:

Notable Workflows