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    Engineers can build solutions from prototype to production version


    Engineers can also use solution templates and get crowedsourced know-how on-click


    We take care of tooling, integrations, infrastructure, execution, storage so users can focus on results


    No black box, users see what are they doing

Skyrocket effectiveness and overcome talent gap

Equip engineers with automation and make them go x10. Confront a lack of professionals with omnipotent framework for less money + educate with real world scenarios, no simulations.

Superior Assets and Security hygiene with low management

Vulnerabilities, Forgotten servers, out-of-date applications, unpatched systems... Cover it by visioning assets and infrastructure from adversary shoes. Hyperrealistic.

As Horizontal as you want

Cover you-name-the-scale of assets, or targets, we don't care, it will work. Also, deliver the data anywhere and connect team findings with other softwares and departments.

Embrace creativity over pettiness

Get engineers utilize and automate creativity over grinding on repeatable taks. Methodologies, scripts, tools, scans, results, integrations, all-in-one place.


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