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Exploring Trickest: A Live Twitch Tutorial with Hactricks

In a live Twitch tutorial with Carlos Polop from HackTricks, Trickest's CEO, Nenad, unveils the magic behind Trickest, showcasing its automation capabilities for cybersecurity workflows. The platform's vast library of categorized open-source tools simplifies the creation of powerful workflows.

February 10, 2023
Andrija Petrovic

Andrija Petrovic

Marketing Operations Analyst
Exploring Trickest: A Live Twitch Tutorial with Hactricks

What happens when you bring together a cybersecurity expert and the brains behind the innovative platform, Trickest? You get a valuable Twitch hosting session for anyone wanting to explore automation in cybersecurity.

Nenad, our CEO, recently sat down with Carlos Polop, the brilliant host of HackTricks, who boasts over five years of hardcore cybersecurity experience. As a cybersecurity professional and author of a well-known online book, Carlos is no stranger to the field, having exposed vulnerabilities in a multitude of companies.

In this 1-hour session, Nenad shows the magic behind Trickest, a platform designed to automate cybersecurity workflows. At the heart of Trickest is a vast Library of open-source tools, all categorized and ready to turbocharge your cybersecurity missions.

Nenad's demonstration guides viewers through creating a powerful workflow using amass tool to uncover a company's domain and web pages and identify vulnerabilities within them. No need to memorize complex commands – Trickest takes care of that. Simply drag and drop the tools you need onto the canvas, and let the platform do the rest. It's like having your own cyber assistant, automating your tasks, and generating commands in a snap.

Nenad demoing powerful workflow on Hacktricks twitch session

The session further explores Asset Discovery & Vulnerability Scanning workflow from Trickest's Library, a valuable asset for bug hunters and pentesters. With this workflow, you can effortlessly identify new assets and vulnerabilities.

Demonstrating Asset Discovery & Vulnerability Scanning workflow from Trickest library

In breaking down the process, Nenad clarifies the mechanics of the Simple Visual Recon workflow found in the Library. This advancement empowers bug hunters and penetration testers, simplifying the identification of potentially vulnerable web pages for quicker and more efficient outcomes.

Demonstrating Simple Visual Recon workflow from Trickest library

But that's not all! Nenad also demonstrates the Dynamic Web App Scanner accessible from the Trickest library. This workflow is a game-changer for bug hunters and pentesters, easing uncovering of vulnerabilities in web pages.

Demonstrating Dynamic Web App Scanner workflow from Trickest library

If you're looking for a powerful automation tool in cybersecurity and want to discover how Trickest can ease your penetration testing, this Twitch hosting session is a must-watch. Join Nenad and Carlos on a journey through the world of cybersecurity automation, and discover super useful prebuilt workflows from Trickest Library.


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